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From Mountains to Oceans in Washington

  • Washington

    We found some great camping spots in Washington, as usual. The forests of Washington displays the deep of the Pacific Northwest vibe, albeit much of it is missing the true old-growth forests. All of the volcanoes in the Cascade range …

    Newberg Dog Park – Newberg, OR
    Dog Parks

    Rating: 3 Size: medium Trees/shade: yes  Ground: grass/sand Water On Site: yes Exterior: Skate park What I liked: -Lots of balls to play with What I don’t like: -Not much around the park -Strange roads to get there

    Ross Dog Park – Vancouver, WA
    Dog Parks

    Rating: 3.5 Size: large Trees/shade: yes Ground: grass Water On Site: yes Exterior: -Walking path What I liked: -Very large area for the dogs to run What I don’t like: -Right underneath large power lines Nothing around the outside of …


    A lesser-known through-hike PNT, top choice for the real naturalist hiker You probably have heard of some through-hike trails. These are the long backpacking trails which people traverse for months and months, traveling thousands of miles. In the U.S., the …

    Sequim Dog Park – Sequim, OR
    Dog Parks

    Rating: 4.5 Size: Medium, several enclosures Trees/shade: yes Ground: grass Water On Site: yes  Exterior features: park pavilion soccer field water ducks fields amphitheater What I Like Most About This Park:   They rotate the enclosures to keep grass fresh …

    We Got Married for $14.00
    Min Travel

    Hi Friends! So, as you may have heard, we got married! We had the most spectacular wedding, with unmatched scenery. . . & we did it all for about $14.00. Here’s How: We only spent 10.00 on a dress & …

    Mt Rainier National Park

    Beating the crowds of the National Parks can be tricky. We try to find off the beaten path hikes & adventures. If you find yourself in near Mt. Rainier National Park and are looking for amazing views of Rainier & …