Budgeting for Simple Living & Road Life

Want to simplify life? Planning to live on the road in an RV, SUV, Van, or Truck Camper or just want to travel cheaper? We’ve put together a list of resources to help you budget for the simple life based on our experiences living on the road in our SUV. We’ve lived a minimalistic lifestyle, with only the amount of stuff that fits in the SUV. We buy little. We sold everything else. We work on the road. And more importantly, by trading these luxuries we’ve gained a lot of life! Here are some financing tips to help you get there, too!

“The cost of anything is the amount of life you’re willing to give up for it”– Henry David Thoreau

  1. How to Live on the Road the Cheap Way
  2. Cheap Ways to Have Fun
  3. Ways to Save Money
  4. 5 Essential Items for Budget Nomads
  5. How to Live Under $8,000 per year & Travel!
  6. Budgeting, for REAL! How the Little Things Add Up