Recipes – Road Life Meals Made Simple
Eating on the Road & Campfire Meal Ideas

Traveling on a budget, camp often, or backpacking and need ideas for meals? Our simple life on the road forces us to come up with creative ways to deal with that grumbling tummy. We seldom eat out and cook a lot of meals on the campfire or camp stove. Everything from burgers to spaghetti, enchiladas or taco nights, to vegan meals – we’ve tried it all. And we’re putting it all together here for you!

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1. Campfire Stir Fry
2. Campfire Spaghetti & Garlic Toast
3. Campfire Meat, Potato, & Brussel Sprouts
4. Campfire Tuna Melts
5. Backpacker Spaghetti
6. Backpacker Alfredo