Stories about Campfire & Campstove

  • Apple Spice Chicken Soup

    Coming soon…Chicken & apple soup just in time for fall! Ingredients: Apples Pumpkin Spice Chicken noodle soup

    Easy Enchilada Bowl for Camp side Fiesta!

    Enchilada Bowl Recipe Have enchiladas at camp! Easy enchiladas to make on the fire, in cast iron, but good for home too! Ingredients (for 2-4 people) Rice (2 cups) Chicken or Beans (2 breasts, 1 cup) 1 Can of Tomato …

    Wild Strawberry French Toast
    Campfire & Campstove

    You can make a version of French toast at camp really easily! If you’re not too picky, all you need to do is dip your bread in the mix and throw the pieces right into your grate! Keep the flame …

    Desert Palette Veggie Pasta
    Campfire & Campstove

    Desert Palette Veggie Pasta (aka Veggie Sketties) Video Instructions: Ingredients: 2 Zucchini 3 Carrot 2 Tomato 1 Red Onion *Any Other Vegetables Desired 1 Lemon Spices: Rosemary Salt Pepper     Directions Making the Sauce: If you wish to make …

    Misty Morning Hearty Potato & Veggie Soup

    High on a mountaintop or somewhere on a foggy cool coastal beach, the chill comes over you. What better to warm you up than a delicious creamy hearty warm soup! This is a fairly simple recipe, fast to make, and …

    Alaskan Apple’n’Egg Wich
    Campfire & Campstove

    Alaskan Apple’n’Egg Wich: Breakfast egg apple sandwhich Inspired by an experience in Alaska that led to combining eggs & apples for a surprisingly delicious combo discovery. A few tweeks & a thousand miles later, we’ve perfected this breakfast sandwich to …

    Pioneer Pizzas
    Campfire & Campstove

    Pioneer Pizzas (pepperoni, spinach & garlic, veggie*) Choose your path to the perfect pizza at camp with this camp stove top pizza recipe. It’s easy & fast but oh so delicious. Below are a couple of great ideas to get …

    Pinetop Pasta & Veggies
    Campfire & Campstove

    Pinetop Pasta & Veggies Pair this meal with some forest bathing, as your tastebuds delve into a hint of pine.

    Cheesy Mountain Tuna Mac
    Campfire & Campstove

    Cheesy Mountain Tuna Mac Noodles smothered in a mountain of cheese, tuna for protein & fatty acids, & a vitamin packed assortment of veggies. Sprinkled at the summit with an avalanche of breadcrumbs, this meal is a cost efficient but …

    Autumn Alfredo ‘n’ Veggies
    Campfire & Campstove

    Autumn Alfredo ‘n’ Veggies (Alfredo with Veggies) Just as mesmerizing as the colors of the fall foliage, this Alfredo dish boasts a colorful medley of veggies including yellow squash, green broccoli, & red peppers. Packed with flavor & hearty enough …