What is Simplicity? For us, it means living a life without a lot of stuff. We carry very little with us aside from necessities. We try to keep our lives focused on experiences not things. We are happy as long as we have food, water, somewhere to sleep and most importantly - each other! With simplicity comes less stress and more happiness, more time with each other, freedom and more time to do the things we love - a fullfilling life. Life is short - make it count!

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    Backpacking & Rockhounding – Two hobbies you should never let meet The backpacker spends time and money trying to achieve the ultra-light weight pack. The lighter it is, the more successful he’s been. While the rockhounder tries to fit just …

    Foraging for Free Food
    Foraging & Food

    We’re known as Paradise on Pennies . . . so, of course, we like to do things cheap. Our two largest expenses (see our full budget here) are food and gas. We really don’t have much else in our expenses …