What is Simplicity? For us, it means living a life without a lot of stuff. We carry very little with us aside from necessities. We try to keep our lives focused on experiences not things. We are happy as long as we have food, water, somewhere to sleep and most importantly - each other! With simplicity comes less stress and more happiness, more time with each other, freedom and more time to do the things we love - a fullfilling life. Life is short - make it count!

  • Living on the Road for Women
    Simple Travel

    Let’s face it. Living on the road has its own special challenges specific to women. We can all think of one giant burden right off the top of our heads. Let’s leave that for a moment to discuss all the …

    Are You Free?

    Living on the road has granted us a certain amount of freedom that we couldn’t get any other way. We often have conversations with people about why we chose to live on the road and how living on the road …

    Happiness, Freedom & Vacation

    Living life to the fullest means gaining fullfilling experiences not stuff. But when I say “experiences” there’s a little more to that. A once-in-a-lifetime vacation is not really what I’m talking about. That is more of a “fun” thing, not …

    So, what is Simplicity?

    What is Simplicity? The concept of simplicity is being used increasingly often today. This term, along with minimalism, is even becoming a trend. But what is it and what does it mean? Simplicity, in the Simplest Terms Simplicity is being …

    We Got Married for $14.00
    Min Travel

    Hi Friends! So, as you may have heard, we got married! We had the most spectacular wedding, with unmatched scenery. . . & we did it all for about $14.00. Here’s How: We only spent 10.00 on a dress & …

    How to Move for Next to Nothing

    We just moved 1000 miles for under $550! Here’s how we pulled it off. We moved our home base from Colorado to Montana, in preparation for our off grid lifestyle. We decided to hang on to just a few special …