Tucson Silverbell Dog Park

Silverbell Marana Dog Park – Tucson, AZ

Rating: 5


Trees/shade: minimum

Ground: sand

Water On Site: yes 

Exterior features:

 walking paths, basketball courts, baseball fields, kids park, bathrooms, wifi, electrical plugs, stream, picnic areas

What I Like

The park had wifi and plugs which was great if you needed to get work done. 

The walking path was wonderful and there was a nice stream right beside it for the dogs! 

They also have lots of parking so you don’t have to drive around all day to find a spot! 

The grocery store is right across the street so if you need food it’s close. 

What I Didn’t Like: 

The whole park was sand so the dogs get very dusty. There also is not a lot of shade so in 

the summer it will be very hot. The park is right next to a elementary school so he kids are 

very loud not a huge problem but kinda of annoying. 
Still got a five because the exterior features made the area a great place to spend the day.