Wintering in the Desert | It’s Mysterious, Spooky, & more Lively than You Thought!

There are many of surreal experiences to be had in the desert. We’ve been living, boondocking, exploring Southern California and Arizona for this winter while living on the road. The SUV life is not so bad here. There’s plenty of warmth this far south. The weirdest experiences involve old abandoned mines and sketchy military grounds. A surprise siting included a rocket launch, that we didn’t realize was a rocket, but that’s a whole other story.

There’s a ton of free camping opportunities in the Southwest and you can still get away from people. At first it doesn’t seem so. In the winter this place is a Mecca for the overlanders, especially RVers. There are even events specific for the so called “rubber tramps.” But for those of us that really want to get away, public lands still have hideaways. That’s why 4×4 is pretty important. The roads can be rocky and sandy – often both.