Swattin’ Skeeters on the Skeena | Tales from British Columbia Rivers

We’ve camped along several beautiful rivers in British Columbia, Canada. As opposed to our experiences in the States, we find it easier to find riverside or even lakeside camp spots. In the U.S., these waterside spots to camp are almost always filled up, even those off of the beaten path. We’ve found a few hidden gems, but surely not as many as in Canada. Thanks in part to the glaciers, these Canadian rivers are beautiful shades of green, making for some dramatic wild views when there’s a snow capped mountain in the backdrop.

We’ve spoken of the two main downsides, though. One is cold water. The other is bugs!

So, today we make the tradeoff – views & solitude for bug bites. Don’t worry. While the bugs can be slightly ferocious, increasingly so, we’re still getting by fine with our trusty bug net. We use it particularly to cook in, since this attracts the bugs.

But hey, I’m going to go take a dip in the Skeena River now. A mighty cold dip it will be, but when I’m swimming the bugs leave me alone & it’s invigorating! Until next time…swat…splash!