Dog Hikes in Sierra Nevadas

Hiking in the Sierra Nevadas in Fall

We’ve enjoyed some great hikes and camping spots in the Sierra Nevada region of California. We spent much of fall in the vicinity along highway 395 in and around Bishop, California. Some of the highlights of visiting the eastern Sierras at this time of year include near perfect weather with temperatures in the 70’s and abundant sunshine. So, you can dodge that summer heat, especially if you plan to do some exploring on the other side of the valley in the White Mountains, which we highly recommend (get to that later). Plus, the crowds are gone. Some of these parts can get a lot of tourists, which takes away from the experience.

One of the hikes that makes a great fall trek is the: Lakes Loop. This is a good dog-friendly hike in the Sierras. There are a lot of great dog-friendly hikes in the John Muir Wilderness region of the Sierra Nevadas. We only saw two people on the whole day’s hike. It seems that it would be less enjoyable in the summer, being that it is a lake hike, which typically brings in the crowds. The scenery is quite beautiful, with snow capped peaks and blue-green lakes. The lakes are, unfortunately, getting a bit polluted from the frequent visitors, like most good spots that are too accessible. It is worth the hike, though, as it still boasts natural beauty.