Hoping the Volcanoes Stay Quiet Kinda

So, I’ve been to California and Washington, but this trip was my first time going to Oregon! Yay! That’s a new state, new national park, and some other firsts – one of them is seeing Mt. Shasta! I was literally giddy and anxious to spot Shasta and then Boom! It appears in the sky! Wow!

Mt. Shasta, sitting at over 14,000 ft (4,200 m), is a large mountain in the sky and an active volcano. Adding to it’s mystique is it’s loneliness. If you’ve ever seen a stand-alone mountain you know how much more amazing it looks, based on the lower surrounding landscape, as opposed to large peaks in the middle of ranges. It “stands up” to it’s name too.



Mt Shasta
Mt Shasta in the background while heading north on highway