Hidden Gems in National Parks – SW

Our national parks include some incredible scenery – some of which should not be missed in a lifetime. However, there’s also constraints to seeing these wonders – time, cost, pet policies, crowds, etc. We have traveled in and around these parks to find the best spots.

Here’s a list of these hidden gems.

Northwest corner of Zion to Kolob Lake

A Zion side road that leads to a more alpine region of Zion, much different than the typical scenery.

Bryce Fairyland Trail

Want to see the hoodoos on an amazing hike with few people around? This trail is outside of park boundaries on the north part just before entering it. You park and hike into the park (so no pets). If you go in spring temps will be comfortable enough.

Sequoia 180 Camping with your own Giants

want to get away from the crowds & tiny parking lots? Want to take pictures of giant sequoias without tourists in them? Or want to camp among these awesome trees? Drive outside the park on highway 180. There’s forest roads leading to places where these big trees grow.

Kings Canyon Panorama

want to see the incredible endless jagged peaks of Kings Canyon on a day hike & stay outside of the park itself? On the east side of the Sierras and no time to head west? Have a dog but want to see Kings Canyon? Hike Kearsarge Pass trail. If you go in May you’ll find less crowds but maybe some snow patches.