Hiking Local Colorado Springs – Red Rocks, Quiet Day

It’s local and free and offers some nice views of Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, & the Colorado Springs area. We usually don’t pick any hikes that are too close to cities, but while we’re home-based in Colorado Springs this winter we need some local hiking spots to stretch our legs and paws on the weekdays.

Today we went over to Red Rocks. This is a great place for a warm winter day (~38 degrees) after a nice snow storm dumped ~17 inches +/- in the region. However, today, with the sun in full shine, it feels so warm I’m hiking in a t-shirt.

We also picked a good time – mid afternoon on a Monday. This means the park has less people and Lillee aka Adventure Pooch can run freely and really get some good leg stretching in. She needs it too, with the upcoming summer on the road and planned backpacking trips. If you come to Red Rocks on the wrong day or time, it can be really really packed thanks to it’s proximity to Colorado Springs. But not today.

We took a nice hike rewarding us with views of Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods in the distance, & Red Rocks formations up close. There’s some great geology in this region, too.

Lillee found her rock climbing skills back on this hike, choosing to take the rock face, rather than the carved out stairs.

There was still alot of snow around the park, especially int he shady areas, so we had a lot of fun playing in the snow to cool off from the hot Colorado sunshine. Overall, it was a great day of hiking (~4 miles) following our day of snowboarding. My legs are a little sore from all the fun! 🙂