Munching on Cupcakes, Burritos & Coffees at Pony Expresso

A Colorado Tradition – Pony Expresso

While at our homebase in Colorado, we would travel to the San Juan mountains occasionally. When we did, we loved to stop at a small Mom & Pops Coffee shop in Dolores, Colorado called Pony Expresso. This place has some delicious eats! Everything from cream cheese frosted red velvet cupcakes, to carmelita chocolate bars, to MTO breakfast burritos & lunch sandwiches, to “better than Starbucks” coffee specialties.

Small but BIG Selection!

It’s a small place in a small town – Dolores. That’s just what we like!

“Better than Starbucks” Coffee – They offer a selection of hot or cold coffees in an awesome selection of specialty flavors, all named for horses.

Fresh Ingredient, MTO, Sandwiches & Breakfast Burritos – If you’re getting ready for a hike around the San Juans, along Highway 145, or somewhere local in SW Colorado, this would be a great place to start off the morning, Grab a coffee or warm breakfast burrito – packed with deliciousness! Then, order a custom sandwich to take along hiking.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth – DO NOT forget to grab a Carmelita. These things are amazingly delightful. I usually get one or ten! 😀

Great Small Town Feel, Good Local Conversation

They also have a small outdoor seating area, which is great for having some ice cream on a hot day in southwest Colorado.

It just feels good supporting a local business, where the ingredients are fresh and the conversation with the owners is good!

We’ll be back soon!!

Photos of Snacks in the Mountains

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