Playing in the Pacific NW

Today we headed out of the forests of Northwest California, a region that is a neat mix of evergreens and an almost tropical-like vegetation. It’s also way more isolated that the rest of California & a fun place to camp. 
We started only a few hours from the Pacific coast, heading west towards the Redwoods. We traveled across a scenic but sometimes frightening narrow winding road that was little more than a one lane road, highway 93, which cuts through to the towns of Forks of Salmon and eventually Somes Bar. There’s not a lot of places to get gas or groceries here, so it’s best to be stocked up beforehand. There’s some random dwelling dotted throughout and lots of forest access. 
We made our way to Somes Bar where the road splits to 96 and we headed southwest to the coast. After a series of narrow winding rockfall-prone roads we made it to the Reswoods…we thought. Now we drove up a road that was called Bald Hills Road and it lived up to its name. There wasn’t really any access to the actual Redwood trees here, at least not that we saw and definitely not convenient. One grove access road was closed. So we continued t the ocean. We finally met the water around Orick / Patricks Point. We stopped just off the road to stick out feet, and paws, in the sand. 
Pooch loved it – playing with driftwood sticks on the beach was a perfect way to spend the day for her! 
After a while, we decided to move on up the coast & drove on through to Oregon. We were going to stop at camp along a Forest Service road on the way up but we found that the river was packed with people (not sure if this is just a popular destination in general or Memorial Day weekend had something to do with it). We had little luck with the few roads we explored – finding either crowded shorelines or residential neighborhoods. So we kept driving and driving and found ourselves into Oregon where we eventually got tired and took a forest service road off of Waters Creek Rd (NF 620).