Food Storage Tips for Tiny Homes, Van, SUV & Truck Camper Living

Fitting everything into a van or suv camper or any tiny home space can be a challenge! It gets even trickier when it comes to food selection & food storage. Over the years living in the Ford Escape camper and now the little truck camper home, I’ve had to improvise and change the layout as I learned what worked & what didn’t. Since then, I’ve had a lot of folks asking about this exact issue, “Where the heck do I store my food? How do I keep it cool without a cooler? What kinds of foods are best for camping and living in vans, SUVs and trucks?” And I think these are really important things to consider even before building out a van, camping in an SUV, and hitting the road! So, I put together a list of easiest and cheapest ideas to help get you thinking about your mobile rig setup, this time focusing specifically on food storage.

Find it here: Fitting it in a Small Space! Truck & SUV Campervan FOOD STORAGE Ideas!