Hiking the Selkirks near Pyramid Peak

The Selkirk Mountains in North Idaho are a perfect display of the enachanting Pacific Northwest scenery. These mountains contain thick forests, alpine lakes, and some unique wildlife. There’s a very small population of Caribou, Grizzlies, and wolverines. That’s the only place left in continental North America to contain these 3 species together and one of the few Grizzly regions! With the enchanting PNW trees, allure of unique wildlife, and the near perfect climate – this is a must hike! 

From the east side of the Selkirks you find yourself in the Kootenai Valley region. The best access point into the Selkirks is via West Side road that runs along the Kootenai Wildlife Refuge. You can access this right behind the town of Bonners Ferry.  

Access: Trout Creek Road to the end. Hiking trail is obvious. Access Pyramid Pass, lakes, and the PNT. 

* We plan to hike across the Selkirks on the PNT soon!