Midwest Loop

Visiting the Badlands – What Time of Year is Best? A Unique Midwest Tour

We spend a good deal of our time in the American West. It’s where our hearts belong. There’s just so many beautiful mountains, ominous volcanoes, tall ocean cliff sides, rain forests and old growth forests to tower over us, and geologic wanders to ponder at. Okay, but that’s not to say there aren’t some really great hidden gems in the rest of America. We headed east, for a change, and completed a loop through Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, and back into Wyoming. We did this trip in the fall. Winters are too cold and snowy and summers would be too hot and humid. In spring, it can be too wet and we’re also usually committed to our northward trek in the spring. For those reasons, fall makes a lot of sense for a Midwest visit.

Based on our trip, we’ve developed this tour concept that makes the ultimate free West-to-Midwest Loop, to include: Yellowstone National Park, Gallatin National Forest, Targhee National Forest, Devils Tower, Badlands National Park, USGS EROS Tour, Devonian Fossil Gorge, Wind River Range Mountains, and Grand Teton National Park. With a few modifications, you could also camp on many other incredible National Forest or public lands along the way and add many other geologic wanders in your path. This is a dream tour for anyone loving geologic and ecological tours. There are so many opportunities for tremendous once-in-a-lifetime scenery, wildlife, & adventures. So, how good was it? Well, here are some highlights & tips from our trip:

Fall Leaves in Iowa

Nothing beats fall leaves.

Devonian Fossils

This place is incredible!

Devils Tower

A geologic wander!