Top Inspiring Things We’ve Learned from our SUV Life Travels

Living in an SUV gives you a whole new perspective on life and the world around you. Here are a few highlights, with more to come soon!

  1. There’s still good people left in the world. We’ve met some really great new friends on the road that we’ll probably have forever. We’re very thankful for that. People have joined us for long afternoon chats in a city park, shared their farm fresh eggs with us, offered us a hot shower, taken a walk with us & the dogs, & even gave us hints on great rockhounding or foraging sites. It’s good to know a few are left out there!
  2. Travel is changing us. And that’s a good thing. We talk a lot about change and how it is a good thing, contrary to many popularly held views in our western society. Change has been demonized as a feature of a confused, unstable, or shifty person. However, consider if you never change. If you go year after year and look back at your life and see no changes. Have you changed your location? hobbies? interests? views? When we learn, we change. Learning implies new information or perspectives have been gained. Eventually, with new information, we start making decisions differently & looking at the world a little differently. It might be a little at a time, but after a while the change is detectable. And I think that’s a really good thing. Traveling on a budget, keeping life simple, & living without luxuries in an SUV has offered us a lot of new perspectives. We do a lot of hiking, staring off & thinking on a mountaintop, & reading or exploring. And I can tell you, we go through a lot of changes, too.
  3. Humans are soft little bags of bones fire sure, but we are capable of a lot more than we realize! We can climb mountains, hike in a desert, bear the cold. Every time we backpack in the Arctic or sleep in sub-freezing temperatures, this fact becomes even clearer. Along these same lines, it’s also interesting to see how little we can live with. We have surely redefined luxury in our life. A shower our of a bag is AMAZING! Who says that!? After going over a year without a shower bag and just having cold river water to bath in, the warmer water has been a great treat. Coats, decent shoes, food, a good rainstorm, a shade tree – all really wonderful things that we previously probably took for granted.