Finding Your Inner Dinosaur in the Utah Desert, Fun at Bryce Canyon

We finally made it to Bryce Canyon. While we have traveled to many other neat places across Utah, including many of the National Parks such as Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park, we hadn’t yet made it into Bryce Canyon. We were’t sure what to expect. We thought it might be a quick in-and-out park day, as it didnt seem like there would be a ton to do. But we were wrong. We loved Bryce Canyon and the surrounding area. We ended up camping nearby for many nights and had a wonderfully long hike inside of Bryce Canyon, which snaked us through the hoodoos and amazing scenery. Lucky for us, the weather was also perfect that day. The main image (below) shows Heather jumping for joy. Afterwards, upon examining the shot, we realized the crazy coincidence that her shadow resembles a dinosaur! Utah is a great place for all things geology & paleontology. Of course, we’re right at home.


I am a Dinosaur


The heat is a bit much, though, so we tend to only visit Utah now in fall months when temperatures become a bit milder.

I’d actually go as far to say that Bryce Canyon is our favorite park in Utah!