Living on the Road

Valuable Items for Living on the Road

We recently spent about 6 months living on the road AND we lived on the road for as cheap as possible & as minimalist as possible!

Of course, we did need to take some items, so here are our priorities we took with us. All of this had to fit in the car (The Great Escape)

We Didnt Bring Much…So, What Did We Bring?

Water: Water Filter, Platypus

Cast Iron Pan, Cast Iron Sandwich Cooker, Knife (get one at Thrift Store)

Clothes & Gear: Hiking Boots, Gaders, Rain Coats, Warm Clothes (Fleece liner, thermal, etc.)

Portable Hard Drive, Laptop Computer

Tools, Safety & Wilderness: Bear Spray, Knife, Compass, Machete, Axe, Gas Can

DIY Items: Walking Sticks (walking poles)