Exploring Around Rainier While the Mountains Hides From Us

Well, we spent about 2 days near Mt. Rainier. The first on arrival was very gloomy, but hopes for the next day led to us staying in the car at the top of the road to Sunrise. We woke up early, right there, ready for the view…but nothing. Oh well, we decided to go for a hike regardless of the lack of view. Turned out, it was a great hike anyway.

Mt Rainier wildflowers
Mt Rainier wildflowers are spectacular even on a cloudy day
The wildflowers were everywhere, we saw mountain goats in huge numbers with babies, and it felt good to be out there. Next year, well be spending quite a bit of time around Rainier so we are almost certain to get that view!

Oh, on a side note, then there was the mouse incident. Apparently, somewhere along the way a little mouse decided to crawl into the car and only came out when we were driving at fast highway speeds or on windy mountain roads, such as the one going up to Sunrise. Here we are trying to get up this windy road for a view of Rainier, on a foggy gloomy day, and he pops out. I didn’t want him to fall off but it was hard to just stop. We looked for him at the top but couldn’t find him in the car. We never did. One day he just stopped making an appearance.