Forest Waterfalls

Hiking, Camping, Finding Waterfalls in Washington

We found some great camping spots in Washington, as usual. The forests of Washington displays the deep of the Pacific Northwest vibe, albeit much of it is missing the true old-growth forests. All of the volcanoes in the Cascade range tower in the sky and provide a tremendously scenic snow-cap in the background of the lush green forests. In springtime in these areas, the runoff is immense and the waterfalls and mosses will make you feel like your in a rainforest.

We found solitude around Mt. St. Helens. This volcano region gets a lot less of the visitors than that of Mt. Rainier. The forest roads tend to be in worse shape and are out of the way, which helps keep traffic volume low. This means quiet off-the-beaten path camp spots. We found a great camp spot deep within the Gifford Pinchot National Forest where the river tributaries met at the end of the trail. This meant a great water source for us! There were also some great rockhounding opportunities if you have an eye for volcanic debris. Pumice is everywhere!

So were waterfalls! In fact, we took a hike and found our very own private waterfall. You would think this meant we could finally take a bath. No. It was spring and it was still snowy at this elevation. The water was so cold my feet literally hurt after a few seconds soaking in the water. Ramsey was brave enough to jump in, but it was a brief encounter with the water.