Joy, Chance, & a Meowing Tree

Joy, Chance, & a Meowing Tree: Living on the road has brought us two very special things – Joy & Chance.

We talk a lot about Joy. Joy is very different than fun. Joy makes you happy, present, & thankful. Joy fills your heart, even after the moment. Joyous people give off a contagious vibe. Since we’ve been on the road, we can choose to slow down & enjoy every moment & our experiences are increasingly more of the joyful nature.

Something else about living on the road, not “busy” in the daily grind – Chance is allowed to happen. Little moments that would otherwise have been flown by, overlooked, never realized. We find the overgrown trail, the hidden road, & the meowing tree.

What the heck is this meowing tree !?!! You might be asking. Well, just yesterday Ramsey heard a meow coming from a large tree in the park we were picnicking in. He went up to it only to find a little black cat. Ramsey put his hand out & soon enough the little kitty was peaking around the tree looking for him. We brought Kluane over & kitty was frightened. But after a while also curious. Eventually, he came down the tree. Then ran back up. Then down, & this time a bit closer to our picnic blanket. We did this dance for a while until kitty made his way on our blanket, playing with us, & cuddling up to Kluane dog!

Then, two ladies came up & started chatting to us. We told them about the kitty & they joyously exclaimed they would like to take care of him. Now, kitty had a home.

As we said goodbye to our kitty friend, Kluane gave him a quick secret nudge. We felt joy & thankfulness. For the kitty, for the new moms, & for us. Thanks to this lifestyle, we had this special chance to slow down, to spend a few hours coaxing kitty down from the tree, to cross paths with two ladies who will give kitty a loving home, to spend an afternoon of joy, & to make three new wonderful friends. We already have plans to meet up in a few months & see how kitty & his moms are doing.

Life is full of chance. If you don’t slow down, stop glorifying being busy, enjoy nature, care for one another including all life, redefine success & luxuries, learn to live with less…you’ll never get the chance to find more. Today, we found “more.”