Cascade Mountains in June

We Got Married for $14.00

Hi Friends! So, as you may have heard, we got married! We had the most spectacular wedding, with unmatched scenery. . . & we did it all for about $14.00.

Here’s How:

Minimalistic Simple Wedding

We only spent 10.00 on a dress & 4.00 on cupcakes (a cheap wedding cake). Other than that, we hiked up to the top of the Cascade Mountains on one of our favorite trails & it happened to be one of the 1st hikes we did together when we began dating, so it was very very special to us. We didnt just pick a cool & scenic place, rather it had sentimental value to us. At the top, we said our vows to one another & exchanged our rings (also, free! we made our rings out of wood) and then we hiked down. It was a perfect day!

For us, the travel wasnt far because we were near the Cascade Mountains already, at the time. We didnt “set a date” for our wedding, so being spontaneous we decided on day to go for it. Due to this, it was exciting AND we were able to choose a day that had great weather. We didnt have all of our friends and family there, but we can always decide to have a small gathering in the future to celebrate with them. What’s important is that it was special to us and we didnt start our life off in debt or spend all of our money on one day; rather, were saving it all up to pay for our shared dream of homesteading off grid in a cabin in the Northwest!

Here’s a video to summarize the amazing day we had:

And here’s a summary of how we kept it all so cheap: