Enjoying one of the Best Sunsets Ever

We made it to Yellowstone just in time for a spectacular Norris Geyser Basin sunset ! 

Bringing our approximate one week western US adventure to a close, we stopped at Yellowstone National Park for a short visit. As you know if you’ve visited Yellowstone in summer, it is busy. However, as nighttime fell, crowds diminished and minimal people were at Norris Geyser Basin at sunset. We had just made it into the park and decided to check out a few quick features before setting up camp. I love the way spontaneity in adventures leads to rewarding surprises. The orange glow of the sun behind snow capped mountains illuminating the meandering rivers across the valley with geyser steam in the foreground made for one of the most spectacular sunsets either of us have ever experienced! The picture doesn’t do it justice. Dark iPhone pictures never do. I highly recommend seeing Norris Geyser Basin at sunset. Normally, I want to be in the vallies or road to West Yellowstone at dusk to see wildlife, but circumstance led to a special experience this evening.