Nomad Travel

We’ve been living on the road for many years now. It is a wonderful lifestyle, combining the simplicity of living closer to nature while still having the luxury of modern society. We live as budget nomads, which means we keep it simple, live in a small road rig, and don’t send a lot of money each month on extras. We live on a tight budget, but this ultimately means we gain more time and flexibility to do what we love…and since it’s not shopping, it’s really no loss! Our expenses are primarily food, gas to travel, and necessities or emergency funds. Otherwise, we don’t pay for bells & whistles and entertainment. We have enough fun just getting lost in the mountains and the canyons, as we explore with our energetic rescue dogs who also love this lifestyle. Below you’ll find some very helpful resources if you are an aspiring nomad, ready to hit the road, whether you’ll be traveling in a van, suv, truck camper, traveling as a couple, traveling with a dog, even traveling solo, we’ve got these topics & more covered. Hopefully, it will help get you out there & living the dream.