I Travel Full Time. So, How Do I Make Money Living on the Road ?

I’ve spent years living in an SUV or truck camper as a home. It’s a small space and I love this way on an even smaller budget. I have to stay frugal so that I can live as a nomad for my sole desired reason: freedom. But we can’t escape the fact that, despite how much I’d love to live out my days on some quiet beach or squat on some lovely remote mountainside, this is the 21st century folks. And that just ain’t possible! Yea, I need money to survive in this world. But how much? I’ve talked about this concept of How Much do we really need to survive before. Even though the concluding number is much smaller than most think, it still doesn’t free me from the fact that I have to make money for food, gas, and some basic bills. Let’s face it. Frugal or not, I need some cash to get by. Being so, a lot of people ask me how I make living in a tiny home on wheels an affordable venture. I always begin with that precursor about keeping my bills low. But the answer is simple. I work part-time and I work online. It’s a gig fit for nomad living.