The Dogs of Paradise on Pennies

Meet the Very Happy Pack of Dogs from Paradise on Pennies

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Hi! I’m Kluane dog. I’m named after the Yukon but I was born in Montana & didn’t get to know my mama long. She was taken away one day. Then, one day, a guy and a girl came in to see me. I jumped on the lady and said “Pick me! Pick me!” I chewed on her hair and licked her face. I knew I loved them from day one. They took me with them into this contraption that took us away down the road. I was a little scared but I looked out of the window most of the way. Eventually, I got a little dizzy so I curled up on the lady’s lap and fell asleep. Then, we stopped. The lady told me to “Go peepee!” I was like, “Whaaaa??” So, I just decided I would go potty & then they both smiled & clapped! I think they liked how I squatted. But when we got to the place we were going (it became my new home) I went squat on the floor inside and they said, “No!” How confusing was that! So, that night, the lady said she was my new mama & he was daddy. I liked daddy. Mama got me up at 2am to go outside! It was cold & snowy & I thought we were playing. But mama said, “Go Peepee!” OK! I was starting to get it now. I squatted & mama smiled & clapped for me. I like making mama happy. From that day on, I knew how to make mama smile & clap..and I have found a million more ways since then. I heard mama & daddy talking about how they were so proud of me because I learned to peepee over night. I figured sissy must have been a pain or something? I liked my home in Idaho. I had a yard & mama played with me. Then, one day, we built a bed in the car and started going on adventures! My life has been amazing since then. I went to Canada & Arizona & like a million dog parks with sissy. I love my family. So, I do tricks for them to make them happy. We are a pack full of love & I’m so glad they found me!

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Hello! My name is Lillee. Mama calls me “Lillee Bear.” She spelled my name as “Lil’Lee” because her middle name is Lee & she wanted me to be her special little girl. I love mama. It’s hard for me to remember when I was born, but I do remember a scary guy threw me and my brothers and sisters into a garbage bad and tossed us on the side of the road. I was so scared. We spent some lonely nights out there, then someone got us. I thought it was another scary guy. He took us to this building and I had to live in a little cage. I never saw my brothers & sisters again. I heard the lady in the building say they weren’t alive anymore. It made me cry. I cried & cried. One day, a lady walked in & she came up to see me! She was very nice & smelled good. I wanted to curl up in her arms. I got to come out of the cage and go in a room with her. She shook her head yes and took me home! It was my mama! We’ve been best buddies since that day. I am always with her. I promised her I would never leave her side. She thinks its funny. I follow her to the bathroom and I always cry when she’s going for a car ride so she feels guilty & takes me with. So, she always has! Hehe. When mama met daddy, I told her she should go for it! He was the best daddy ever! I was a little mad at mama for bringing a stupid yappy puppy home one day, though. I feel bad for being such a brat now, though, because he is okay, I guess. He keeps me warm & protects me. But I’m pretty tough. I love my family so much, stupid brother & all! They took me all over the place & we all cuddle together every night. I lick mamas face to remind her of our forever bond.

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Lillee Dog

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