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Choosing Dog Boots

Which dog boots are best? That was a tough question to answer for us when choosing dog boots for Lillee aka Adventure Pooch! It seemed like there were so many choices for dog boots, not to mention the variation. There’s everything from dog socks to light dog boots to rugged dog boots that resemble mini hiking boots for dogs!

So, what did we discover and decide?

The Comparison: Which Dog Boots Made the List

Well, after sifting through tons of options, we narrowed the choice down to two: Ruffwear Summit Trex or Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots. There are some other cheap options across Amazon, in Petco or Petsmart, and across some local small pet shops. However, these seemed a bit too flimsy for our need. We wanted boots to keep her paws from getting hurt on rocks, getting poked by cacti, or protection from some minimal ice. However, we really didn’t need full snow protection for our summer adventure, nor did any of the boots seem like they would provide much snow protection (despite claims). The problem is, if the boot is half-way up the dogs leg, snow is still getting in there.

So our priority became a sufficiently rugged boot, specifically the bottom of the boot.

Also, the boot fit was important. We compared the many ways the boots were supposed to “stay on.” One of these, the Ultra Paws Rugged Boot, offered two opposite direction velcro straps. One is low and the other is at the height of the boot, allowing us to make the perfect fit. Lillee has a strange leg. It’s skinny and long and the paws are fairly small, not broad. So, this solution allowed us to strap the boots tight on the paw and just right on the leg. Since these boots had the right fit, rugged bottom, and the right price.

The Winner: Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boot

To summarize, we chose the Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boot because of the main benefits:

  • Perfect Fit – double velcro option allows for a perfect fit no matter the dog
  • Rugged Bottom – the bottom is tough enough to resist sharp rocks, cacti, & glass fragemnts, or other potentially harmful objects to protect the paw pads
  • Reasonable Price – the price falls in the middle range of dog boots. Where Ruffwear falls higher ($70.00 +) and other boots can be bought for a questionably cheap $17.00, Ultra Paws are around $30.00 – not too bad on the wallet

Ultra Paws Dog Boots

You can get the boots at a pet shop, but we found the best price on Amazon for $31.00 with free shipping. So, we got them and put them on as soon as they arrived. Lillee did the classic prance until finally and quickly getting comfortable with the boots. Now, were ready for a hiking adventure!

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