Gear Review | Anker Solar Charger

In this review, we’re discussing Solar Chargers.

In this review, we’re discussing Solar Chargers. The Anker Solar Charger with 3 panels and 2 USB ports is nearly essential for us while on the road. we couldn’t charge most of our items or bring you guys these videos without it! Everything would be dead. This particular solar charger is a great cost versus function item for us. It’s relatively inexpensive, has proven to be durable against the dog’s desire to walk all over it, and seems to charge well even in partial sun. We’ll point out the things we love and a few things we don’t love, but ultimately make a case for why we chose this particular item to come with us on the road. As you know, we can’t take much in our limited space, so if it makes the cut there’s a good reason! Hope it helps you decide you’re best fit solar panel, too.