Gear Review | Lodge Dutch Oven Cast Iron

The Lodge Cast Iron pan is a great solution overall for folks living on the road, van life or rv living, camping for vacation, or homesteaders looking for great cooking alternatives. Cast iron no longer intimidates quite as many and is coming back as a great, long lasting durable cookwear to add to your kitchen. Here’s the good & the bad.

Good – In this review, we’re talking specifically about the Dutch Oven. Although, there are several different options out there from smaller pans to larger ones, from various lid styles, to various handle options. After trying the large pan we switched to a Dutch Oven because it gives us the same cooking options as the pan but also offers more. Now, we can make deep dish options such as stir fry and soups on the campfire.

The Bad? Cast iron is known for being heavy and the Dutch Oven is one of the heaviest! But it’s worth the weight! With it comes durability and longevity.