Gear Review | Sawyer Insect Repellent for Ticks & Mosquitoes

In this review, we’re discussing those pesky bugs! You know, the woes from those mosquito and the nicks from those ticks. How do we do away with these troubles? It seems like there’s a ridiculous amount of options out there for bug spray but it also seems that few of these work. Of course, people will claim that one works, but the question is have they used it when the real bugs were out!? Have they used it in the springtime in Canada or Alaska? If it works there, it works!

As you may know, we live on the road full-time and travel with two dogs from the seat of our SUV. We’ve had to get pretty up close and personal with bugs. Mosquitoes used to be what we considered the worst. They were small enough to creep through screens, into our tent, through cracks in the windows and into the car while we tried to sleep and even if they weren’t stinging the buzzing was enough to make you go loony.

Recently, ticks have becoming increasingly abundant and worrisome for us. They seem to be everywhere and in places we’ve been to before that seemed tickless. This is not a good trend. As much as we hate using any extra products we don’t need, due to these extreme factors, we decided we needed a real bug solution. Something that truly works to get rid of those mosquitoes and ticks. Something that would keep us from having to worry about that bullseye mark left from a Lyme disease bearing tick or the discomfort our dogs have when we have to pull ticks off of them. But what could we do!?

Well, we’ve been trying tons of products and here’s what we found. We’ve compiled a list of our favorites and why here. Now, I’m presenting our top pick. It’s Sawyers insect repellent, which comes in both spray and lotion forms.