Pooch loves it too!

Gear Review | New Gear for the Pooch

As the big trip approaches, we can’t forget about Lillee and her need for trail gear!

So far, Lillee has a few things already in her pooch gear box, like her has 2 coats, bells, and a collapsible water bowl.

We recently got her a backpack, so she can carry some of her own stuff! We tried it out today and she didn’t even seem to notice it. So far, little weight was added. We will slowly build that up for her safety.

The pack is a pooch pack, 1200, in high vis yellow for added safety.

Next on the list of gear she needs is a pair of boots, but we have yet to decide on the best ones.

Interested in other pooch gear? We’ve made a list of ever thing we’ll be using for her on our gear & tips page.


By the way, once we hit our new home base, we plan to get an addition to our adventure dog pack! There’s some really great reads on how to get, train, and travel with a true travel pooch, such as “The Making of an Adventure Dog” posted by Outside Online.