Gear Review | We Tested Some Hiking Shoes, Here Are the Results

We recently got to test out the new Astral shoes (Aquanauts) & Sandals (Filipe for Men, Rosa for Women).


Astral Sandals: Who Knew Sandals Could be This Good !?

The sandals turned out to be surprisingly awesome!!

The Pros:

  1. Lightweight, easy to carry on backpack
  2. Super Durable
  3. Very Grippy
  4. Stays on, fits snug (lasted through some mud for us)
  5. Still comfortable & good looking

When we first began our adventure, living on the road for almost 4 months, we didn’t think we’d be wearing sandals often. We had a lot of hiking and backpacking planned, but we knew sandals would come in handy here and there. Turns out – we olympic2River Crossingwere wrong! Olympic3We ended up wearing these sandals throughout the entire journey on most days. The only time we didn’t have them on was when we were putting in long days hiking and needed to have our hiking boots on.

However, once we got to camp, the sandals went on! These sandals have so many qualities that I haven’t found in others. The fact that the sandals stays on when its wet is a huge plus! I hate when sandals slip off at the first drop of moisture. The fact that the sandals are rugged is yet another huge plus – the shoes lasted the entire four months despite all the wear and tear we put on them. Below is a video from Youtube by Astral about the design of this sandal:


Easier River Crossings: Astral Aquanaut Shoes (Men & Womens)

The shoes are great as a light backup pair for hiking and around camp. The design allows the shoe to get wet without holding any water and thus getting heavy. As a result, we used these many times for river crossings in Alaska, Yukon, & British Columbia. YK utahBryce hiking in YukonWe could just slap the shoes on quick, cross, & then remove & hang on the backpack to dry – fast! We were surprised at the comfort of the shoe despite a simplistic design. The minimalistic design appears to be for the benefit of keeping the shoe lightweight and useful in the water. Below is a video from Youtube by Astral about the design of the shoe:


They now sell on Amazon!