Is Simple Nomad Living the Best Formula for your Health? The Mind & Body Benefits of Road Life

We set off to live on the road many years ago now. When we did, we knew it would be an incredible adventure with inspiring stories and a bag full of joy. All of this would certainly benefit our level of happiness and our physical health, thanks to our love of the great outdoors. But just how beneficial has living on the road really been for us? To answer that, let’s see how it has impacted our lives.

The Benefits of Simple Nomad Living:

  1. Less Stress
    By removing the everyday grind from our daily lifestyle we aren’t as pressured. We sold most of our belongings which all carry their own level of stressfulness. All gone now! We also live on a very tight budget.
  2. More Time
  3. Better Diet
  4. More Exercise
  5. Better Relationships
  6. Authenticity & Mindfullness
  7. More of What You Love

*Of course, this all can happen but just simply going out and buying a Mercedes Sprinter Van, tapping up some hippie curtains, and cruising into Joshua Tree won’t earn you these benefits.