Live & Travel on the Road with Dogs, Gear for Nomads with Dogs

We live on the road full-time with a pack of three dogs! Yes, I meant it – 3 dogs. We all live out of our truck camper, a little cabin on wheels that we get to take all over North America. We travel from Mexico to northern Canada and Alaska, seeking adventure in the mountains to the deserts. At this point you might be wandering how we keep the place clean! Dirty paws, hair in the food, and dogs in the bed are just things we’re doggone used to! But hey, it’s totally worth the dog hair sandwich. The dogs give us tremendous joy in our lives. The adventures would be totally different, emptier to be honest, without the dogs.

Kluane Dog in the Desert Southwest And we’re pretty sure we’re returning the favor. The lifestyle is something that is really beneficial to dogs. They get constant attention while spending 24/7 with “their people.” They get a ton of activity, going on constant hikes and backpacking adventures with us and plenty of mental stimulation from activities at camp (we even have a dog that helps make a campfire!). They travel to new places, meet new people and dogs, and play at dog parks all over North America. At the end of the day, we retire for a yummy camp meal together. What more could a dog, or person really, ask for!?

Well, the only other thing you might need aside from your adventures and your adventure buddies is the dog gear. If you live on the road full-time or even just travel and camp with your dogs often you’ll benefit from a few dog necessities. So, today, I’m going to summarize what it’s like to live on the road with dogs, provide some tips and tricks for traveling with dogs, and discuss the main items you’ll want to bring with for your doggos.

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Gear for Dogs who Live Nomadic Lives

Okay, so if you’re convinced by now and ready to hit the open road with your dog in the passenger seat, what should you pack for him? In our case, living on the road means small spaces for storage and the desire to keep things fairly light-weight. So, we won’t be advocating for bringing a lifetime of belongings and every single last favorite dog toy along for the ride. We will go over the basics and the things you perhaps haven’t considered. We, too, had to learn along the way.

So, what gear do we bring for these adventure dogs?

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