Nomadic Living, A Lifetime of Stories

I have always loved the idea of travel. When I was a little girl I used to dream about all of the beautiful, mysterious places of the world I wanted to see. I would literally daydream and night dream about being in these places. Some of my most vivid memories involve dreams of Africa and places like Greece and Australia. I think these derived from a combination of stuff I was learning in school, stuff I saw on TV, my love for animals, and my own crazy imagination.

As I got older and learned more about the world my travel dreams also grew and changed. My dream of Africa never really subsided, but learning about the political and social unrest and rampant malaria and Ebola outbreaks made me realize, at least, that I might need more preparation before I just ended up somewhere. I began loving geography and maps and learning about new places. But the most I’d ever traveled was within the interior U.S.

Then, when I was about 20 I decided it was time to do something! It needed to be cheap travel since I was a poor college student and somewhere generally safe since I hade little time or money to prepare…so I decided Pura Vida! Costa Rica!

The one thing I did do was look for the most remote place I could get to in Costa Rica so I could really experience it. I didn’t just want to go to the key tourist spots. From my research, I decided I wanted to see the Osa Peninsula. This is a biodiversity hotspot where I saw rugged Pacific beaches, monkies, parrots and taipers. I was in love. However, my lack of understanding of this country shown threw when a storm hit and flooding went rampant. Bridges were failing and getting back to the airport to go home was a challenge. I recalled how important it was to know as much as possible about a place before going. But I also held that if I’d known too much I may have avoided the trip altogether to OSA and missed out on some incredible experiences and stories.

And that’s pretty much how I still like to do it today. I love to do travel planning but also love the unknowns that pop up along the way. Planning is now more of a way for me to learn, get prepared and get excited. Then, once I go I let the wind take me. Without this, I’d have no stories. And today, I have ALOT of stories to tell! Here are just a few of them:

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Salmon glacier

Sorry, but Alaska is filled with tourists.

Garbage floating in the Arctic

Arctic Ocean or bust

Finding Trilobites in the great north

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Lake Selenium: Koo Can USA

Yellowstone in winter, New Years

The national parks

The Places:



British Columbia



New Mexico