Power Please – Where to Charge Stuff on the Road

In order to upload our awesome pictures to Instagram, video tips, and updates on Facebook or the website we need power! Lots of it. We often run out and that’s when you dot hear from us for a while. Living on the road means we’re learning a lot of good reliable places to find plugins. We seldom stay at hotels or pay for activities so this is more for on the go & on a budget folks. 

  1. Visitor Centers – Visitor Centers often have plugs but only sometimes have places to sit and charge. It’s easier just to walk in and start charging rather than asking. If you ask we have found they often say they’d rather you didn’t. However it really doesn’t hurt. They are likely just avoiding too much loitering, perhaps. Meanwhile, there’s been plenty of Centers that have seating areas practically inviting you to charge up. We had more of this luck in Canada though. 
  2. Subway – If you’re in a town and need a meal, Subway almost always seems to have a seat near a plug. While there’s usually only one plug it’s better than nothing if you can grab that spot!
  3. Starbucks or cafes – If you can go inside a cafe or coffee shop you’re destined to find plugs. Outdoor seating at Starbucks actually can be obtained without a purchase but outdoor plugs are not always available. 
  4. Grocery stores with seating – Walmart, Fred Meyers, and Safeways often have seating areas (sometimes next to their in house coffee stops or Starbucks in house). 

If you’ve found great places to charge with outdoor seating (for those hot days with the dogs) please let us know & we’ll add it to the list!