Preparing the Ride – The Great Escape

Before we can embark on our journey to life on the road in North America, we must prepare our home for the next 4 months! We have gutted our Ford Escape and added a platform for a bed with storage underneath. Here’s how we did it:


  • Free wood scraps from Craigslist 
  • Some basic tools: saw, nails and hammer 
  • 2 thin, long storage containers 
  • Scraps of screen 
  • Velcro strips 
  • *New: Water Supply Holder 

We took the seats completely out. 

Then, we built a frame, just tall enough to fit the storage boxes under. This will be a better use of space while living on the road. Also the frame was built so tgat the sides, where the 2 back doors open up are usable as storage space too. 

We cut a peice of plywood to cap the frame. There were a few obstacles to work around in the vehicle so we cut to our ideal fit. 

Next, we cut and placed the foam scraps on the platform. Tada – bed! 

Finally, we cut the screen prices to fit the back window with Velcro attachment. This will be nice when we need to eat in bug infested areas. We learn from past experiences ! 

Later, we made another addition for our water supply. We built a small wooden platform out of scrap wood to hold a water container, attached it to the existing bed platform, and then attached eye hooks to clip bungee cords to.

The Great Escape. 

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