Purpose Matters! Why Do You Want to Live on the Road? Van Life Values & Causes for Campers

So you want to live on the road? You want that shiny airstream to cruise across the country? You’ve eye-balled an RV with a fireplace…it has a darn fireplace! You considered a chinook or maybe even something older and smaller – a VW bus! You identify with the hippies in the school bus, the rock climbers in the vans, and those people on the corner there in the lot climbing out of the back of their…wait a minute…SUV????

Nomadic living is increasingly getting trendy. There are some obvious profiles drawn to the lifestyle, but the trend actually now crosses many ages, backgrounds, and yes, even vehicle dwellings. While the stereotypical view is that of say the dread lock hippy in the bus in the desert at burning man, or the 70 year old couple touring the National Parks, or the rock climbing duo in their decked-out van (with wood floors, Patagonia posters, & rope hooks). But don’ let those stereotypical images make you think you have to pick a nomad bucket to fill.

Remember, many people do things for many different reasons. And once an idea or lifestyle gets trendy it picks up momentum and money gets involved. Next thing ya know, your being advertised to via images on Facebook, commercials, or word-of-mouth from friends. If you’ve been seduced by the nomadic dream, great! Just be sure to understand that you might want to be more like that simple non-stereotypical couple popping out of their SUV than that of the flashy Mercedes van with rare Eucalyptus avocado-infused flooring. Just start paying attention to the difference between “buzz that’s more advertising than reality” and “reality that’s more buzz than advertising.” Living on the road can be a deep meaningful experience if you make it about Purpose – you’re own.