Reading: A Cheap, Free Hobby for the Budget Traveler |

If you are traveling on the road, living the dream life in a van or camper and you want to stay on budget you’re going to need cheap hobbies. Sure, rock climbing, snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, vineyard tours, skydiving, and being an all our foodie around the world sounds incredible, it’s going to dig into your pocket. Actually, if you try doing all these things you’re going to end up with a straight hole in that pocket! So, you’re going to want to find cheaper or free hobbies to keep you active & happy on the road. So, think about it, what things could you do on those nice days in the mountains that won’t cost you? We like to hike. It can be done nearly anywhere and it activates the mind and body. What about those rainy days, though? What can you do then? Our solutions for free activities on rainy days include reading or finding free museums. We also have dogs and dogs will always keep you busy!

Living in a Van or Camper on a Budget? Get Cheap Hobbies!

Living in a van on a budget can be done, but you’ll need to discipline yourself! So, if you’re building your converted van or camper you might want to consider making room for a little library, as we have done. We used to live and travel in an SUV, so our books had to be stowed away below which meant these were hard to access. However, now we live in a small pop up truck camper. One of the first things we decided to do was add a mini library! And we had the perfect spot for it!