Sleeping in a Ford Escape, Really? Build a Platform Bed Easily

If you own a Ford Escape and you’re thinking about using it as a car camper you may be thinking, “Come on, can you really sleep in a Ford Escape?” Well, the answer is yes. And it comes from two folks who have been sleeping in a Ford Escape for several years now! No joke, we live in our Ford Escape full-time. We obviously don’t spend 24/7 sleeping in a Ford Escape (we tent camp, too), but we have slept in the Escape for many many nights so we kinda consider ourselves expert-level at sleeping in the Ford Escape – which is now turned into a spiffy little car camper for our lifetime on the road! Here’s why we think you’ll love sleeping in your Ford Escape.

Turn the Escape into a Car Camper, Build a Ford Escape Sleeping Platform

You can build a platform into the Ford Escape pretty easily and cheap. Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to spend a lot to build the bed platform into you Escape. We built our bed platform for around $20! You just have to think outside of the box a little and scrap up some used and cheap materials. People are always getting rid of stuff on Craigslist & Facebook & Yard Sales, so you can probably find things like wood scraps, drawer handles, and other materials for your platform bed for a pretty cheap price. This is what we did. We gathered nearly all the wood for the camper bed for free. Then, we only needed to supplement our wood with a few pieces of lumber we bought for the bed frame. The drawer handles were free scraps. You’ll only need a few basic tools to get the job done, especially if you’re doing a simple camper conversion. We’ve actually converted a Ford Escape into a car camper twice. We originally planned to build a bed into the Escape for a short-term camping road trip, but as many of you might know if you’ve been following our journey – that turned into a lifetime on the road! So, we decided to do it a second time. In the latter car conversion, we built a platform bed and storage system that would be a bit more long-term, since we knew we were in it for the long-haul. So, below I will present both car camper conversion layouts so you can decide which one is best suited for your needs.

Sleeping in a Ford Escape, Short-Term Cheap Car Camper Conversion

First, for the first simple conversion. If you want to do a quick, easy, & cheap platform bed in your SUV for let’s say a summer on the road, a long road-trip, car camping in National Parks or public lands for a vacation, this is a great setup. You’ll be able to throw this together in a day. Also, you can use this general idea for a platform bed in any SUV – just convert some of the measurements to fir your specific model. The basic idea is simple – we built a simple frame with a platform on top and left space underneath to fit two plastic tubs for storage. Then, there’s no need to build in drawers. You can easily remove the car camper bed frame when you’re not using it for sleeping in the SUV. Check out the video below to see what it looked like and exactly how we built this version of our SUV camper into our Ford Escape 2012 model.

Sleeping in a Ford Escape, Long-Term Budget Car Camper Conversion

The second time around we upgraded a few elements of the car camper design. For one, we went with drawers this time. The drawers make it a little easier to get into the items we need without removing an entire plastic tub like last time. Again, we were still building a platform bed in a Ford Escape. The vehicle has been working out great for us for on the road living & traveling. It’s compact enough for stealthy car camping, small enough for turning around on tight mountain roads, but just large enough for sleeping in it as a car camper. Now, sleeping in a Ford Escape just got better!

Make the Most of Sleeping in your Ford Escape

Organization is key. There are a lot of nooks and crannies you may not realize you can use in your Escape. We have found a way to fit everything we own into the Ford Escape.

Can You Sleep in a Ford Escape?

Now that you’ve seen our Ford Escape with a bed in the back what do you think? When you ask us, “Can you sleep in a Ford Escape?” The answer is obviously yes! “Is a Ford Escape big enough to sleep in?” Absolutely! At least in our case, for two people and two dogs. It’s not luxurious, but who cares. It’s car camping!