So You Wanna Be a Nomad Lady? Choose Bear Spray Over Hair Spray!

So, you wanna be a nomadic lady? Great! Living on the road full time as a nomad has been the best thing ever! I get to travel around North America, see lots of wildlife, meet new people, and live a life full of passion and constant learning. I learn something new every day and it helps me grow into a better women. One thing that has been reiterated to me during my course of living in my SUV (Yes, no joke, I lived in an SUV! It was cheap and simple!) is how little I actually need. When we focus more on what truly makes us happy and surround ourselves with real friends (they’ll be lower in number but higher in quantity) we find a better self-worth.

Choose Bear Spray Over Hair Spray!

On thing I quickly discovered was how little I missed those typical girly things – you know, the stuff everyone thinks of when they imagine the stereotypical high maintenance gal: piles of shoes tumbling out of a stocked closet, shelves of nail polish that make it look like a Lowe’s paint center, lipstick shades for every mood, and of course clothes, belts, jewelry, handbags and purses and hair spray! Sure, I used some of this stuff in the past. I am a girl, who grew up in the 80s and 90s in the U.S! Then, I decided that time and money were not worth wasting on glam. I felt more comfortable in nature, sans glam, and less and less comfortable being dolled up. So, over the years I backed down on the use of makeup and jewelry. I still had a small pile of go to products, but even those started getting dusty. Then, I started living on the road full time. And I realized I’d rather see a bear than do my hair. So, I thought I should let other would-be van life and nomad ladies know how important it is to, “Choose bear spray over hair spray!”

There are many reasons to ditch the products, chemicals, and costumes, of course. For one, the products are generally bad for us. Research has shown our natural pheromones are, well, natural, and perfumes are actually a pretty silly concept (especially at those expensive prices!) In fact, the less I wear it the more I notice it. Now, when a lady walks by me in a park and I smell her perfume it actually chokes me up a bit! Did you know? Channel no. 5 was the first synthetic perfume, sold in the 1920s? Well, before that it was all animal smells. Hey! We are animals and we have smells. Are we just jealous of those musky skunks or what!? Well, beyond the questionable nature of those synthetic baths we take in pungent perfumes and miracle body washes are other more specific problems for the lady nomad.

They like to do things like melt, spill, & spray. And who wants a car full of fumes? Not I.

In addition, this stuff is really rather counterproductive for the simple nomad. This argument gets a little more personal for me because part of my purpose (purpose matters!) for living on the road is. I chose to live on the road so that I could live simple, not have a mortgage and property tax payment, have less stuff to pay for and be stressed about, and ultimately be surrounded by as much nature as possible.

Then, there are all of the other reasons not to tote it around. If you want to reduce weight in your rig or backpack – no makeup. If you want to save space – less toiletries. If you want to reduce your footprint – literally, less shoes. The most valuable lesson nomadic living can teach us truly is: Less is More!

Are you looking to downsize your girl gear? Periods use a lot of toiletry supplies! So, what’s a girl to do? Check out my other article on a simpler alternative: How Do Minimalist Nomad Ladies Deal with that Time of the Month?