To Boondock or Not to Boondock? What Kind of Camper Are You?

There are plenty of folks out there “camping” in tents, truck campers, RVs in a myriad of ways. You have the full-timers, the semi-full-timers, the part-timers, travelers, homebodies, & the weekend warriors. I said “camping” because there’s a lot of debate on how to define the word camping, but for simplicity let’s just assume here that it includes all these types of folks (debates set aside for another discussion.) So, where do you fit in this spectrum?


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What Kind of Camper Am I?
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Camping with Four wheelers

You like to get out there with your closest friends & live it up! You never forget the beer cooler! Heck, you're more likely to forget your wallet & your wife than the beer cooler! You always fill up a couple extra cans of gas for the four wheelers and the boat and sometimes just to light the fire! Am I right? You know all the best trails for riding. And your mate is probably a glamper!

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The Types of Campers, by Duration

Full-Time Campers
The full-timers are those folks who have said bye-bye to the traditional way of life. They got a rig, such as an RV or truck camper, and they travel from camp site to camp site typically in search of adventure. Most of these folks like staying at campgrounds but also do a fair share of travel. Many of these folks are retired. However, trends are showing a lot more diversity in this group and more of the younger crowd also attempting this lifestyle through creative ventures. The younger crowd is more likely to live in a less traditional mobile home like an RV, such as a bus, van or even a plain ol’ SUV! They range from your trustfund baby to your tight budget pioneers. Those who are still working often work online jobs to gain freedom on the open road. Others simply work seasonal or part-time gigs (such as at ski resorts, parks or simply in retail), some are traveling nurses (although I’d throw those folks into a little more of a semi-part-time) or they’re trying out many of the new jobs such as book buying or even starting their own company.

Semi-Full-Time Campers & Part Time Campers

The Semi-Full-Time Campers might be full-time in their rig, but part time camping. They’ve kept full-time jobs and are tied to a location or two throughout the year. So, yes, they might live in their rig full-time, or maybe not, but they don’t yet have the freedom to camp every night. Most of these folks either will or want to move into the full-time realm at some point.

The Part-Time Camper are similar to those full-timers but with a key difference: something still holds them back. Maybe they travel a few months out of the year and then go back home. Most probably still have a home base, unlike the full-timers. While many of them may call themselves “full-timers” they aren’t really out there full-time and they all have a traveling backup plan. It’s more of along vacation for these guys when they travel. Or, on the other hand, it could be the exact reverse. Many of these folks also travel for work and live in their travel rig (RVs, truck campers, & travel trailers) for the duration of a job. Then, they either go home or go to the next job locality. So, some travel for work while others travel for play. Either way, they are sort of dipping their toes into the pool of full-time camping.

*Some of these full-time and part-time campers are what I call homebodies. Homebodies stick around a campsite. Most of these guys will live and camp in an RV so that they have their creature comforts. They like to camp with amenities, like showers, stoves, full beds, TVs, electric, and internet. Due to this, many of them will book long-term stays are RV campgrounds.

Weekend Warriors

Weekend warriors may own a rig, such as a travel trailer or RV, but they don’t live in it. These folks have a rig parked at home right now and they use it on weekend holidays to go camping. Many of these folks have no intention of ever living full-time in an RV or camper, but some might. They are camping for fun and for short-term durations, which means they like entertainment along with their adventure. Many of them prefer to have a travel trailer, toy hauler,  and/or an RV for space and comfort camping. Some of the more low-key warriors will simply have a truck camper, but even these can get pretty elaborate. These guys are kind of the suburbs campers and like to camp in large groups.

*Travelers: While most of the aforementioned groups will do some traveling to get to their campsite or recreational destination, the true travelers are those who travel full-time. They are less likely to have a home base, less likely to stay at a campground for long-term stays, and probably have a map somewhere of all the places they’ve been to!