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Travel to Iowa for Geology? It Has More Surprises Than Most Know!

We travel to the midwest, to places like Iowa & Minnesota, and through Nebraska & South Dakota. While our travels take us to such places infrequently (we mostly stay out west), we are finding some great gems in these midwestern states. Most folks arent aware of the geologic wonders that await them in places like Iowa and surrounding states. Here is a list of some of the great finds that we either have or plan to visit in Iowa. In the near future, we’ll add more details about each individual experience:

The Highlights of Iowa:

  1. Museum
  2. Caves
  3. Agate Rockhounding
  4. Mid Continental Rift (not visible, but cool to learn about)
  5. Just north of Iowa are many cool geological wonders in Minnesota, such as the Banded Iron Formations.

Nearby Midwest State Highlights:

  1. Minnesota – Banded Iron Formations
  2. Mid Continental Rift
  3. Fossils
  4. Badlands in South Dakota
  5. EROS Earth Data Center / Museum in South Dakota