What is the Best Financial Strategy? Dave Ramsey & Millionaire Advisors are Missing Some Key Recommendations

The best financial advice should come in the form of life advice. The big picture matters more. The most important thing to do is to teach others not to form a dependence on money and the things money buys. If we develop individuals with strong minds independent of the need of hoards of material goods to form their happiness, we will collectively develop a happier & healthier society for everyone. In turn, people won’t find it so tempting to dig themselves into financial despair. That digging tendency comes from a societal training that starts at a very young age, that teaches young girls that they need CoverGirl to be pretty, and boys that they needed Nike shoes to fit in, and middle-aged couples that they needed golf course grass & trendy lawn furniture, fancy cars, & elaborate stock portfolios to look more successful than their neighbors. Oh yes, and you should talk about it and flaunt it so that everyone else knows.

No! Just, no! This is exactly what is leading to a generally insane and mentally unstable society. In turn we end up needing sugar, coffee, alcohol, depression drugs, and glitsy-glammy things to deal with the stressed of this life. What a coincidence. This, too, boosts corporate growth, increases our unhappiness, and all along continues the degradation of our natural environment…which makes us sicker and unhappier.

So, when people offer financial solutions starting with, say, your stock portfolio or how much money you need to make, they are starting twenty steps beyond the actual problem. It’s much like health and weight-loss strategies that ignore life but simply focus on how you could simply eat one less donut every day and voila! We all know that’s not how it works. The best way to fix something, it to fix it at the root.

So, when it comes to finances, the root problem is really our lifestyle. Once again, its our lifestyles. And we won’t improve it by tweeking one or two things in our lives.

Let’s agree on a few things. Most of us will not become millionaires. If it was that easy we’d already be there. You can’t save your way to being worth tens of millions of dollars. And most big time millionaires made money because they first had money to gamble with.