Why You Might Not Want to Be a Nomad or VanLife in a City!

Based on our experiences, here’s why we try to spend as little time in the city while living on the road full-time. Sure, we have to venture into a town or city periodically to re-fuel, stock up on food, or take care of business like vehicle repairs and so on, but boy do we try to avoid it when we can. If you are considering nomadic life, this list should help you consider the types of areas you want to hang out. Sure, it sounds nice to cruise through Las Vegas, or hang out on a San Diego beach, or chill around Seattle, but reality is that cities make road-life pretty miserable. Here are the things you should consider:

  1. Van Life? It’s going to be HOT! Considering nomadic life in a van? Well, you’ll probably need A/C and with that probably a generator. You’ve just upped your bills 2 fold. We chose to do without A/C. We like to keep it simple.
  2. Noise…and more Noise! Want to sleep? You won’t always have a choice. People yell at 2am in parking lots & semi trucks rumble at all times.