Are You Free?

Living on the road has granted us a certain amount of freedom that we couldn’t get any other way. We often have conversations with people about why we chose to live on the road and how living on the road has changed us. Well, one of the top answers is simple: Freedom.

In our culture, freedom could be seen as a pyramid. In this pyramid, the traditional “house” is at the top because that’s how most people in our culture view success. Actually, it’s the standard for “where you live,” success or not. As you move down, the items are more of “modes of transportation” or “modes of vacation” than places to live. Still, there are more exceptions at the top than at the bottom. By the time you get midway down, these items being “modes of living” becomes quite rare.

Freedom Pyramid

So, we have worked our way down to the “living in our SUV” portion of the chart. The interesting part of this is how “stuff” plays a role. It seems that the higher on the pyramid you are, the more “stuff” you have. Part of this is due to the fact that as you move down the pyramid you are literally forced to have less stuff because you have less space. Of course, your psychology may also lend itself to less stuff as your mode of life changes.

Then, there’s the relationship to freedom. Notice how your ability to be flexible in life, change, move, travel, do whatever you want, is higher as you move down the pyramid.

Less Stuff. More Freedom (and Happiness).