This is Free!

Cheap Ways to Have Fun

Living on the road in an SUV or being a VanLifer doesn’t mean you have to feel broke and it doesn’t mean you have to be bored. We are nearly never bored! There’s so much to do and discover once you’ve given yourself free time. You can get more creative and find your passions. You won’t need a lot of money to do what you love when you find what you authentically love. This is what we’ve done. Our top hobbies include hiking (free), backpacking (free once you get basic gear), reading (also free, aside from a .25 cent book at the thrift store), cloud watching (totally free), star gazing (free, again), & spending time with each other (you guessed it, free). We have a good time visiting dog parks and playing

with the pooches, too. It’s often more tricky to find fun free things to do in cities, but we’ve managed well there too. We have found free museum days, university exhibits and events, free movie nights, and more! Since many of you might also be looking to travel on the cheap or simplify life, save some money, or even take off and live on the road like us (do it!), here are some more ideas for things to do for free that are really very fun! The video we made to talk about this is posted below, so check that out too. By the way, the spot we filmed that video in…was free…and absolutely stunning.

So, with that, start saving some money by taking up some new simple hobbies. There are a few others we didn’t mention. Here’s a list of completely free hobbies, free things to do in cities, or cheap ways to have fun (activities with low start up costs) to consider:

  • Hiking
  • Backpacking
  • Swimming
  • Canoeing
  • Reading
  • Star-Gazing
  • Nature Touring
  • Forest Bathing
  • Free Museum Days (Smithsonian Annual Free Day, browse local free dates)

Let us know if you have other ideas. Feel free to share those on our pages at Youtube or Facebook. Thanks!